Vivian R. King

Vivian R. King retired from her Fortune 500 banking/Accounting career after nine years and decided to go into a profession that needed more black women—the profession of law. So at 30, Vivian went to law school and three years later graduated cum laude from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 1992. Vivian was licensed by the State Bar of Texas in November 1992. Vivian was a Prosecutor in Houston, Harris County, Texas from 1992 to 1995. Vivian has been a Hearing Examiner for the City of Houston, ruling on internal grievances of police officers and firefighters. Vivian is the second black female Board Certified in Criminal Law in Texas.

Vivian King's TV Show

Truth & Justice with Vivian King is a Live Talk Show About the Criminal Justice System. Vivian invites guests to tell their true crime stories in an effort to educate the public through stories. “I want to tell your story.”Read More »

Vivian King Properties

We now leasing our Alabama street office space, 3 spacious office rooms for any type of work, furnished offices and 2 kitchens. Space have place to entertain clients and Office Manager is available to server your need.Read More »

Sisters In Law – WE tv

WE tv’s groundbreaking new series “Sisters In Law” follows a close-knit group of elite high-powered black female lawyers as they juggle their families, busy careers, and even more demanding social calendars.Read More »