$2 Million Medicaid Fraud case
$2 Million Medicaid Fraud case

Vivian represented me as one of three defendants on a $2 Million Medicaid Fraud case. Prior to meeting Vivian, I interviewed several attorneys, but had an instant connection with her and I knew I had to hire her as my attorney, as she was the one who emerged as being the most passionate about the case and sincere about representing me.

This was the first and, hopefully, only encounter I’ve had with the law. (Seriously, I have never had a speeding ticket). Compared to the Legal team of the FBI, Vivian had limited manpower. At times, I could not see the forest for the trees. I remember receiving mail informing me that the FBI was still investigating the case five months prior to when the trial was to start. This frightened me. I went to Vivian and said, “Vivian, I am scared, I want to take a plea bargain to get this over. I just feel I can no longer fight – this is too much pressure.” It was Vivian who said “you paid me, let me work for you.” I was taken back with this comment as, I believe, most attorneys would have thrown up the towel and said o.k. This truly showed that Vivian cared for me as “a person and an individual.”

What impressed me most about Vivian was her aggressive, but yet, humble attitude. She is a fighter, cares about all of her clients and puts in a 110%.

I was the only one of the three defendants found innocent.

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